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Notary Services

OLIVIA LYNCH, Notary Public

The acts of Notaries Public have worldwide recognition.

A Notary Public is empowered by Law and by custom and usage of notaries through the ages to

  • Administer Oaths

  • Attest Signatures

  • Authenticate Documents

  • Give Notarial Act

  • Take Affidavits (though not for use in the courts in Ireland)

  • Take Affirmations and Declarations

  • Receive and Make Protects under Mercantile Law, and issue notarial certificates in respect of documents and persons.

  • Draw up Powers of Attorney and other legal documents usually prepared by Notaries Public

As a Notary Public, Olivia is a public officer, commissioned for life, to serve the Galway and Clare public in the area of non-contentious matters. The office of Notary Public is constituted by law and appointment is made by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

The services of a Notary Public will often be required when carrying out matters relating to international affairs and foreign business for example in matters relating to adoption.

Olivia provides a professional friendly and convenient service.


To provide you with the most convenient hassle-free service, it is necessary to get in touch with Olivia to outline your requirements and make an appointment. Olivia will be in a position to advise if it is necessary to prepare what is known as a ‘notarial certificate ‘or not.

Generally, Olivia will need sight of the relevant documentation in advance of preparing any notarial certificate, including a current copy of a passport and/or driving licence and a utility bill dated within the last three months. Providing a scanned copy of the documentation ahead of the meeting will conveniently allow for the preparation of all documents ahead of attesting, stamping and sealing. Please note that it is essential that you present originals of all documents, including the aforementioned identification documents when meeting with Olivia.


Depending on the nature of the business being conducted, an apostille may be required to verify the authenticity of the notarial act completed by the Notary Public. An apostille is a certificate provided by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) for which they will usually charge a fee of about €40. An apostille can be obtained from the DFA in Cork or Dublin.

When obtaining an apostille from the DFA you will be required to present the notarised documents by post or in person and return to collect them some time later, usually the same day or they can be posted to you. As part of our service, and for your convenience we can arrange for an apostille to be obtained for an additional fee.

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